Day 13 – Reminisce

Today’s Nudge: Reminisce.

When I hear certain songs, as I’m sure is true for a lot of us, it takes me back to a moment in time.  Like when I hear songs from the Summer of 85, it takes me back to the end of my sophomore year in High School. My first love, the Live Aid concert, a UHF channel the broadcasted music videos.

Fast forward a couple of years, 1987/88 and I’m working at a fast food restaurant.  Every time I hear some Judy Torres, Cynthia, Coro, Stevie B, songs off U2’s the Joshua Tree it takes me back to a time where I enjoyed my job and people I worked with.

Another couple years, and it’s Kaoma and their song Lambada, Soul II Soul, Milli Vanilli.

When ever I reminisce it’s almost always tied to music.  Or the holidays. Like at Christmas time, I get to missing my Grandma on my mom’s side now.  She was a freaking amazing cook! She would make stuffing from scratch that was TO.DIE.FOR!  She would get some kaiser rolls from the deli and let them sit until the got stale. Then she would soak them in some water to soften them up and tear them to pieces.  She would boil up the innards from the turkey and dice it all up real fine with some onion and celery. Saute all that in butter, I think she then added some sausage, then the bread and broth.  I have yet to master what she did because I can’t remember all the ingredients and she died when I was 11.  OH and she made the white mushroom sauce that as OH.SO.GOOD! I could eat it alone.  Back in the day, she made her own kielbasa and pierogi too!  Which was quite an endeavor.

I miss having Wigilia with the family.  It’s a meatless dinner held on Christmas Eve. Traditionally it is 12 courses! We didn’t usually have that many.  When my Grandma was living with me, we did a smaller version.  With pierogi, beet soup with mushroom dumplings, mushroom and rice stuffed cabbage.  We would also share the Christmas wafer.  Listen to koledy (Polish Christmas carols) on the record player.  To this day, if I should hear them, it brings me back to my childhood.

Okay so reminiscing obviously includes music and food!  How about you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. angelsloveyou
    Sep 13, 2017 @ 21:01:14

    Music brings up lots of memories for me too. Oooh that stuffing makes my mouth water. I LOVE stuffing and gravy. Nice post. Jean


  2. thoughtfuldesignblog
    Sep 14, 2017 @ 11:30:32

    Music and food are definitely powerful memories ❤


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