The Why – Not Any Closer

I turned to Google today to look at a few of those links about finding your why.  So many have a take this seminar, take this class, take this quiz feel to them.  One was 7 of the most ridiculous questions, I couldn’t even read it.

I looked at some worksheets in Google Images. Many didn’t have a thing to do with finding your why, but everything to do with math equations.  Definitely wasn’t what I was looking for. But in the midst was one work sheet that asked you to list 3 things for each statement/question.  One question was What did you love to do as a kid?  If I think back, I loved drawing, coloring, and writing.  I always aced book reports and other report papers.  I’m sure most of my teachers were just looking for proper grammar and punctuation, spelling, and if I touched enough on the topic.

It seems most articles and posts on this subject relate to a professional life. There is even a TED talk, but I haven’t viewed that yet.

The answers I am looking for do not relate to a professional life or a career or business. My search for whys is on a personal level.  Just take writing for example.  I don’t want to write to achieve fame and fortune, to be published, see my name in print. Don’t get me wrong, if that happened, that would be fantastic and amazing.  But my desire to write I think is much deeper, I just don’t know what or why.  Perhaps I was a writer in another life?

I see things like if you are attracted to certain fields like holistic healing, herbalism, and things of that nature, that perhaps you were a healer in a past life.  That’s just one example. So maybe if one follows that line of thinking, my strong desire to write is stemming from that.  The same could be said about painting and being an artist.  And yes, I am drawn to learning about herbs and holistic healing, too.

Maybe I will never know my whys of wanting to live a creative life. A life filled with writing and photography and paintings.  I just know it is something I want deeply. Or maybe, I will discover it if I keep searching or it will just come to me and answer the question on its own.

For now, I will just continue to strive towards a creative life. The rest will come when it comes. The answers will come or they won’t, dwelling on them won’t make them come to light any faster.  I might even discover the answers I seek in the midst of creating.


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