It’s April! It’s Challenge Time!

It’s the first of the month and that means the Blog Along with Effy has begun and so has Camp NaNoWriMo.  There’s a few things kicking off today from what I can tell.  There’s even an A-to-Z blog challenge that I found out about too late to sign up for.  To be honest, I don’t know what I want to blog about this month.  I will do my best to keep up daily.  I will most likely blog about what comes to mind, since this one is self guided. I might take some time to Google prompts, see if any strike my fancy.

I have a mountain of things I want to do or try on a daily basis.  On most occasions I sit and side eye the pile or list in contemplation.  Then at some point I get a wild hair and want to do all the things, where in I get overwhelmed at the enormity of what I am wanting to do, and the end result is I go back to side eyeing everything and nothing gets done.  I don’t know how to list and prioritize or space things out so that I can attempt all the things.  My twisted mind thinks I have to do it all at once, git-er-dun, or give up.  I don’t understand this thing called moderation or baby steps.  So I sit in a vicious loop of over whelm and procrastination.

I took some time yesterday to do a little research on how to properly use my camera.  I got it for my birthday about a year and a half ago.  I’ve stayed in the safety of using the preset modes of things like Landscape or No Flash.  Some of the things I have been reading say I don’t want to use anything below the P setting on the dial.  Some say I shouldn’t even use that setting.  Others say if you are a newbie to DSLR cameras you should work in either Tv or Av modes, even toggling between the two while you learn the ins and outs.  And then there were the ones that said M(anual) mode and that’s it.  Out of all the videos I watched yesterday, only one spoke in a manner that I could relate and understand.  All the others were more technical in nature, the only plus side was they should what they were doing.

I have SO-MUCH to learn with my camera.  I think really the only way I am going to truly learn it is by trial and error.  And of course lots of Practice, Practice, Practice.  I will eventually want/need a telephoto lens.  I’ve been doing some research on the inexpensive models out there.  I can’t afford one now, so on my wish list it goes.

WRITING –  As I mentioned, Camp NaNoWriMo started today.  It is a more laid back version of the November event.  I set my word count goal to 25,000 which seemed reasonable.  Maybe I should have just aimed for 30,000 which would put me at 1,000 a day. I can always change it if I want to. I just might.  I set my story idea to something along the lines of a fictional version of part of my life.  Now, well, I’m not sure if I want to do that.  Yet at the same time, I can’t think of anything else except to maybe work on what was my November project.

But here it is 3:10 in the afternoon local time and I haven’t written anything for Camp! Unless you count this, because you know rebel that I am.  And in Camp, it’s totally allowable.  Except it isn’t story related, so I would have to change my project.  Which who knows, I might end up switching that gear too.  I do have this one other idea, but the story only comes to me in sporadic snippets. I’m not sure that it will be enough to fit in for Camp.

As for the other things I had on my list to accomplish through the year, so far I’m not doing too well at being a slayer of the list.  I’m worrying too too much about what those around me will say/think.  Battling too often with those voices that whisper “You are not good enough”.  Add in a healthy dose of procrastination and mix in daily pain which can range from “this isn’t so bad to OMGMAKEITSTOP”.  If you deal with chronic pain, fibro, or anything of the sort you know that every day is a surprise as to what you get to deal with.

Well, I guess I really should go figure out what my project is going to be and get some Camp writing done.

For those that celebrate….HAPPY EASTER!  HAPPY PASSOVER!  or just HAPPY APRIL!


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