May 10 – 39/100 Zoo Day

Had a lovely day at the zoo.  My first time visiting Boise Zoo.  It’s small, but fun.  While they don’t have elephants or pandas or gorillas, they did have a couple of Red Pandas and a Snow Leopard who happened to be in a playful mood rolling in the grass.

Most of the animals seemed to be in nap mode, though a few were awake and moving about.  Not all my photos came out like I hoped. I have now discovered that shooting through the enclosures with my lens is not the best since it focuses on the fence links instead of what I am trying to photograph. So my giraffe pictures and some of my wild cats didn’t come out well.  Makes me sad, but hopefully I will get to go back when the butterfly exhibit is open.

My new favorite animal is a Bear Sloth.  I did not know such a creature existed!

Here are a few of my favorites from today’s adventure.

Snow Leopard

Playful Big Kitty

Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear She says, “Is this my good side?”




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