May 14 – 41/100 Hurty, Cuz I Need A Bubble Suit!

Very sore.

I swear I need a bubble suit lately.  LOL!

The other day, getting in the car I attempted to sidestep a twig that was aiming for my ankle and in the process whacked said leg into to the corner of the car door.  It’s now a pretty shadow of purple in that spot. BUT….I avoided the twig!

A few days before that, our Border Collie went after his ball and lost his footing.  So all 68 pounds of him bounded over my foot. I was sure something fractured in there.  It is also a lovely shade of purple.

Then last night, I bent down to put the bowl of cat food outside for the neighbor’s cat. He likes to come of a snack and say hello.  As I went to stand back up, thinking I was clear but apparently not I jammed my shoulder well and good into the wand that opens and closes the vertical shade at the back door.  Hurts like the dickens, there’s a welt under the skin, and I am sure in a day or so it too will be a lovely shade of purple.

I mean, guys…gals….I love purple but not this much LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Also hurting in other areas unrelated to but probably triggered by my clumsiness of the last week or two.  It hurts down my entire spine.

I have also been emotionally triggered.  So I’m sure it is going to get worse before I feel better.

It is what it is and all I can do is try and be gentle with myself.




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