How Is It July 31 Already?

I feel like I was just asking this question a month ago about how is it the end of June. I can’t wrap my brain around how the days just seem to fly by anymore.  What happened to when I was a kid and time went by so slowly? When summer vacations seemed to last forever.

As the days race by, I feel like I am no closer to do the things I want to do. To accomplishing my goals. To achieving my dreams.  Instead, I feel like time is slipping away into oblivion.  Which just makes FOMO (fear of missing out) all the more intense. I hate missing out on classes I want to take and seminars I want to watch.  Because sometimes, life just doesn’t let me watch when they are sent out.  And when you only have say 24 hours to watch it, but life has other ideas I feel like I have missed out on something good.

Then I think about all the opportunities I pass up to go out and take photos outside.  All because it’s been too hot and the air too thick with smoke coming in from the wildfires. I ventured out to the mailbox a bit ago and I honestly thought I was going to have to borrow his inhaler because it’s that bad out there.  You can visibly see the smoke hanging in the air. And this is just stuff coming in from California!  And maybe Nevada and Oregon. Not that we don’t have our own fires burning in Idaho, but those are all pretty much North of us and stuff is coming up from the Southwest.

We are under a heat advisory through tomorrow.  It’s supposed to be a worse day.  I don’t know if they mean heat, smoke, or both.  Either way, no matter what you do it’s pretty terrible.  We look like  we might finally be getting a break in the heat, at last!  I saw a high of 88 for Saturday.  We were joking that we’d be breaking out the long pants and shirts because it will be too cool LOL.  I doubt we will though.  68, maybe but not 88.

I’m not sure if I’m going to make my word count goal.  I ended up dropping it from my original goal. But as of right now, I am still about 1700 words short of another win.  I might not making, but then again I haven’t really pushed for it this month.  Not with all the stuff we had going on and then getting back into the house.

Maybe it’s just all the heat and smoke clouding my brain, making it hard to write.  I’m not fairing too well with the heat.  I seem to have grown my sensitive to it this year, I’ve never been like this before.  I’m just adding it to the long list of growing symptoms.  Seems like I no sooner adjust to have a new one, another pops up.  Not fun at all to say the least.


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