Oh HI! It’s Been Awhile.

Well it’s been a hot minute now, hasn’t it? I didn’t intend to be away so long.  But life, you know how that goes.   I kept meaning to post and then the day would  escape me.

Pain has been roller coastering for the last few months.  Besides having Chronic Pain, I have now been told I have some sort of neuropathy but I can’t recall the type.  I think some sort of early osteoarthritis, early degeneration, bone spurs in my lower spine.  And finally they are not going to rule out Fibromyalgia.  But they aren’t confirming either.  What pisses me off is that they have known for over a year about the bone spurs and failed to inform me.  After my xrays, the doctor had the nurse call me and she said everything was okay on them but I should still go for an MRI.  Now a year later, I get told all these things by the student doctor.  He is the only one that has taken the time to listen and check a few things.  I don’t want meds, so I’m learning to listen when my body wants to rest.  If it means a day in bed with Downton Abbey on, then so be it.

For the last, almost month now, I’ve been taking care of “Mom”.  She had a knee replacement end of October.  I think she is recovering a lot faster than her first one.  There’s been a few differences, but many things have been better and a few that are the same as last time.  In the almost 11 months between her two replacements, we have noticed a few differences in procedure and such.  But overall, I think things are good.

I am really hoping to be back to blogging on a more regular basis.  At least weekly, if nothing else.

Hope you all had a good thanksgiving and have a safe weekend.



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