Final Friday of May

Can you believe it!?  The last Friday of May!
I still can’t believe it is the end of May.
Almost a half a year gone.
Time is going too fast.
Funny how when I was little time used to feel so slow.
Everything seemed to take forever in my child mind.

Today marks day 60 of the 100 Days Project.
So this makes my 60 the post since the project began April 2nd.
My 61st consecutive post since the blog along.
It’s sort of a strange feeling to have blog that many days in a row!
Some posts I feel have been better than others.
But that’s the way it goes, right?

Back when I lived in Brooklyn. There were two radio stations that
I listened to.  One, 95.5 WPLJ, is signing off the air today for good.
Now, I haven’t listened to the station in a couple of, wow, almost three
decades now actually. But it doesn’t make it any less sad as it was
a part of my childhood, my youth, my teen years. They’ve been on
the air for 48 years and today is their last day.  Sad sad sad 😦

Grateful that the storms skipped us yesterday. Just a bit of thunder.
Grateful for a neighbor with a tractor who is willing to help us at
times and for him cutting through the hemlock and other wild weeds
in the field below the house.
Grateful to have most of the Outlander series on my Kindle because
those books are thick and heavy.

It’s going to be one of those days where shit hurts and I did nothing to
provoke it.  I woke up at 7 AM with my leg feeling all pins and needles
and it wasn’t even the side I was laying on.  After that passed, it was
then in my right arm from shoulder to fingers. Once that passed, both
my hands were hurting.  AND I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE COFFEE YET!!!!!
Now, I have had two cups and I have a headache.  Ibuprofen is on board
but we’ll see how it goes.

Had to run a couple of errands this morning. (after at least one cup of
coffee)  And as we were driving into town, I had a thought.  I think this
will be deserving of it’s own post, so I won’t go into detail today.  Just a
question though….Do you ever feel like you are so disconnected or maybe
detached from things that you feel like your life, isn’t your life?  Do you ever
feel like you are viewing it from a different plane?  Yeah….like I said, needs
its own post. I need to process the questions and form a coherent thought.

Stay tuned!

Thursday’s Things

I’m tire!  I think, we are all TIRED!
Late last night, just as I was drifting off to sleep my room started to feel like a disco.
I thought maybe I was dreaming at first.
But the flashing continued.  Lightening!
For a while though, all was quiet.  After several long minutes, fifteen? twenty? I don’t
know for sure.  There were a handful of low rumbles. And one low but deep enough
to make the wall tremble. Okay. We can handle that.
A few more really REALLY bright flashes, then the thunder finally came. And the rain.
Poor Fred 😦
He’s our Basset Hound. He doesn’t like storms.  We have meds to give him when it’s
really bad.  So poor guy, he’s tired too.
Forecast shows more thunderstorms for today and tomorrow.  Oh Boy!

A friend asked on Facebook last night if you can cook cucumbers.
Wait….what?  Cook cucumbers???????
Hmm….Google, what say you?
Apparently, yes. It is a thing. Julia Child has a recipe to bake them.
Martha Stewart has one for sauteing them.
And it seems they are big in Asian recipes.  Who knew!?
We were both a little surprised by that.
But then, I would never have thought about sauteing or roasting radishes!
Not until a friend shared such a thing on Facebook.
So I tried it myself.  Picked up some radishes.  And tried it both ways.
Rather tasty! I think cooking them mellows them out some, which I really liked.
Again….Who knew??!?!?!

I had a thought about something I wanted to write about last night. I was sure I’d remember.  But…………it now escapes me.  Maybe it will come back to me. I’ll have to be sure to make a note just in case it does.  So I don’t forget again.

I think it’s time to forage.  I’m hungry this morning.  A rare thing.


Wednesday’s Words – On WoW

Yesterday, I made it a WoW day.  I finished leveling my Alliance Gnome Priest to 120.  I figured since Gnome heritage armor comes out next patch that I better finish her up. I ran out of rested XP for the last level or so.  I just did the Island Expeditions.  They’re fast-ish to get done and give a decent amount of XP.

Trying to decide who to finish off next.  I’ll probably do one of my Draenei and my Goblin.  I’ve already got a Tauren who is also up next for Heritage Armor with the next patch.  I have already done the Blood Elf.  I don’t have a Dwarf or a Worgen.  All of my other Allied races are somewhere between 20 and 65. The downside is they have to also be exalted with their respective faction.  When I’m leveling an alt, I don’t always worry much about faction reputations.

If you haven’t figured it out, I play World of Warcraft.  In some ways, I’d probably say Warcraft saved me. I met some wonderful people in my time playing.  People come and go, many I have lost touch with when they quit or moved on to different server.  Then there’s the group of people I have been playing with for the last six years? seven?  I’ve lost track really.  I love these guys and gals like family.

Before them, I sometimes played a character I made on a different server.  In the guild I was in, there was a guy who was an abuse counselor.  One day, while on our Vent server he overheard me being yelled at and put down by my then spouse.  It was a brief encounter, but it was enough.  Bluey (his character name) asked me if I was safe.  Which surprised me.  He was the first one to tell me I was in an abusive situation and encouraged me to seek help.  To say I was shocked and maybe in a little bit of denial is an understatement.

But I did seek help. A local women’s shelter had a thrift store and office within walking distance to my house.  I went and spoke with a counselor.  This was the first time I heard about the cycle of emotional abuse.  And it was my situation to a T.  But still, I was in denial somewhat. I couldn’t bring myself to go into a shelter.  And so it would be almost three years before I got out. If it wasn’t for Bluey though, I might still be there.  I never got a chance to thank him.  He’s one of the ones I lost touch with.

I started playing about six months after my Grandma died.  It helped keep me sane.  I thought too, it would help me with my writing.  I do sometimes like to try and write backstory for my main character that I play.  But not to often.  I should though, I think it would be fun to make up a story for her.

I’m trying to keep a rule for myself though. No playing until I have written and or blogged.  Since blogging is currently my only form of writing……..I can’t play until I have posted.  So, now that I have my post…I can now decide who I am going to play today.

Have a good Wednesday!

For the Alliance!!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Well I didn’t get out with the camera yesterday.
The storms never come through, just lots of clouds.
But windy.  Too windy to get good photos of anything.
It got so windy at one point, that I really thought there was about
to be a storm.
A couple of hours East of us, in Mountain Home there was a
tornado!  Something I never really thought I would see or hear
about here in the PNW.  But a year ago, we actually saw a funnel
cloud forming. It would start the drop down and then go back up
again.  It did that for several minutes before dissipating. Even
after living in the South for many years, that was the first time I
ever physically saw one.
What made that extra scary, was we were on the interstate going
home and I was holding a very pissed off cat who we couldn’t put
in the carrier because he was wearing a cone due to having just had
ear surgery.  Angry cat, stormy weather, and a funnel cloud trying to
drop from the sky………was not my idea of fun LOL.

Three years ago today we were leaving the hotel in Primville, Oregon to
get back on the road to the Oregon Coast.  I might have wanted to explore
the town a little before we left, but we stilled had a few hours drive ahead
of us and we wanted to get there. There were so many things we wanted
to stop and see and explore but being our first trip out this way we stuck
to the plan.  I think we’ve all three dreamed of going back and being
a little more adventurous.

My birthday is in five months.  In the last month, my vow to give up soda
has not gone totally as planned.  In the last thirty days, I have drunk
probably close to a twelve pack of ginger ale. I’ve also had a Dr Pepper and
a Pepsi. I have Milky Way Fudge on the shelf behind me, but I’ve only eaten
a couple of bites from it.  Just gonna take my time eating it.  It just isn’t
sounding good.  I’m not a fan of caramel.  And so many candy bars that
sound good, have caramel and turn me off to them.

Yesterday was the first time I played with photos in a photo editor!
I am usually one to just take my pictures, transfer from my camera to my
computer and call it good. Then share on FB the ones I want to share. No
editing or anything.  I keep seeing all over how photographers will edit
their photos in some kind of software like Photoshop or something similar.
I’ve been apprehensive because I am clueless with this type of thing.

I have a program by Magix, but I’m very unknowledgeable about it.
However, yesterday I just used the basic editor in Windows. Nothing
fancy.  Maybe I will start there to play with my photos just to get a feel
for editing before I dive into a complex program.  I’m pleased with how
the editing turned out with the photos I played with. I’m sure I could
have done better, tweaked more here or there.  But for a start…I am

These programs are intimidating with all the little things they can do.
How do I even know when I’ve tweaked enough? Is it personal preference?
I’m still learning about F stops, Aperture, Shutter Speed.  I have yet to shoot
anything in RAW.  I think I want a new memory card for that. RAW as I
understand uses a lot of memory on the card.  I have much to learn when
it comes to photography.  All I’ve ever had were pretty much point and shoot
cameras.  So my Rebel is my first that I can really do anything “fancy” with.

Sometimes though, I wonder am I even too old to learn how to use my
camera properly or how to edit for the best results.   Damn stupid gremlins
in my head!  Be Quiet for once!


Last Monday’s Musings For May

Can you believe it?  The last Monday in May…….ALREADY!  And it is Memorial Day.
How fitting that I was taking pictures of our Poppies yesterday.
It is hard to believe too, that three years ago today we were hitting the road for the Oregon Coast.  I wish we were going back, but it doesn’t look like that will be this year. I fell in love with the area and could have stayed if I was able to.

Here’s a photo I took of the Pacific Ocean on that trip:


This next one is from Depoe Bay, whale shot included! Mama and baby. Didn’t even know I got them in the shot until after I was home.


And if you love sea lions………..


Yesterday, we had some storms come in late in the afternoon.  Then there was a small break before another round came through.  It was a little windy and there was thunder rolling, but I didn’t care.  I was outside enjoying it. But one of the dogs was extremely nervous that I was out in the weather so I had to cut my outdoor adventure short. But not before I got some photos!

As promised in previous posts, here are a couple of pictures of the Black Locust blossoms.

As I said, there was a storm coming in.  And I couldn’t help but want to take photos of the storm clouds.  It’s a thing.  I love to take cloud photos, especially storm clouds. This is the leading edge of the storm.  I played with the image in the photo editor to really get the clouds to pop.

Storm Edit 2.JPG

And one last photo.  If you look closely, you can see the hawk soaring on the wind that was blowing.


I had so much fun in that short period of time that I was out there.  It felt really good!

It’s quite breezy again today. There is rain in the forecast for sometime today and now apparently all week as well.  But we shall see. I don’t put much stock in the forecast these days because out where we are it almost seems like the normal rules don’t apply. There are plenty of times it called for rain and we would just watch the storms go all around us and we not get even a drop.  Right now, the sky is still blue, but the clouds are starting to roll in.  Not the storm clouds yet, at least not that I can see.

Maybe I’ll be brave and go out again with my camera today.  Even if the storms start to come in. But we’ll see. If it’s unsafe it won’t happen.

Sunday Summary

Well, I don’t know if this could be justified as a summary.  But it’s what I’m going to call it anyway.

It’s sunny out there right now, which is nice change from the rain.
Yesterday evening there was some wicked lightening going on just on the other side of the hill out back.  We couldn’t hear any of the thunder from it, but it was quite the light show!

Sister #3 and her significant other live out on a farm.  They were in the path of the wicked storm to was part of that light show.  There was the possibility of 1/2 inch hail, gusts of up to 30 mph, and of  course the rain.  From the sounds of it, they got the rain. Two inches of it!!!!  It made a mess of the newly planted field next to her house and all the drip line are a right mess.  Don’t know how the other fields have fared for the farmers out that way, but the one her S.O. works for is going to have to reset all the lines at least in one field, maybe more. No word on how the seeds are. But at least they are all okay!

Funny story from our Home Depot trip.  We had gone over to look at the storage containers.  And were some that “Mom” wanted to buy but we couldn’t find a price. One of the store employees was walking by so I stopped her to ask the price. She was nice enough to tell us that if we could wait a couple of days, they would be on special buy and be a lot cheaper than they were right then.  I thanked her and was about to walk away. When she asked if we had are A/C unit serviced yet. I then realized she was the lady that tried to offer service contracts for such things.
I smiled politely at her and informed her we didn’t have A/C in our house. Her face transformed into a look of utter shock.  I could only imagine what she was thinking. When she found her words again, she asked if we would be putting one in soon and was about to tell me how she could help with that. But I told her that we wouldn’t be doing so this year and thanks anyway.  Once again she looked a little shocked at such a notion.  After she pulled thoughts together again, she asked if we’d keep them in mind should we find ourselves wanting to install a system.

When I first came here, I was a little surprised that there was no A/C in the house.  I didn’t know what to expect from an Idaho summer.  All we have is a swamp cooler and fans.  It’s quite a different experience after you’ve lived in a place with central air.  I can get quite humid in the house some days.  It always takes a little trial and error to find the balance to keep it from getting too swampy feeling.  Now I always get a little giggle when we tell someone we don’t have A/C.  Their expressions are usually priceless.

Maybe I can get out there with my camera today while it is a bit sunny. We’re supposed to have more rain today and again tomorrow.  I’d like to get some photos in before the weather turns. But sitting here isn’t going to get me going or doing anything lol.

Saturday’s Ramble

It’s a holiday weekend here.  Rain in the forecast for the weekend too.
No adventures or bbq for us.
Then, we don’t care to travel or be out and about on the holiday weekends.
The roads are crazy enough on a regular day.  Holidays just seem to bring the
stupid to a whole new level.

Almost fell down the YouTube rabbit hole a bit ago. Had to reign myself in.
Get a post written first before I start exploring rabbit holes like videos and Pintrest.
Plus I have class videos I need to catch up on and get crackin’ with.  I wish I could
watch them well on my tablet, but it gets slow sometimes trying to watch a class video
on it.  I don’t know why though.  Maybe it was just a bad day for the internet that day.
I haven’t really tried since then.  But if I could watch them on my tablet it would make it easier to do art at my art table instead of trying to do it at the computer.  I don’t have enough room by the computer to comfortably do art and watch videos.

Hmmmmmmm. BUT……….what if………, I couldn’t. Could I?  Maybe….possibly….and I
have considered this before but quickly dismissed it without serious thought. But if I
could find a small enough table/desk that I could put by or behind my computer desk…
That might solve a small dilemma for me in that regard.  Then I could still watch the videos and work on the art without having to work on my computer desk.  Even one of those small folding craft tables might be enough.  It’s something to think about at least.

I think that is one of the things that holds me back from doing things.  My art corner is in one room and my computer is on the other side of the house.  So watching videos, looking at references, even for writing given my methods it makes the two separate areas difficult to be workable. It’s not impossible but it is definitely inconvenient.  Even if I had a decent laptop, that would be great.  But mine is a dinosaur and not dependable to access websites and videos.

I think I have just given myself somethings to consider as possibilities because who knows if or when I might ever have an art shed.  I see all these cute ideas online and I see all these cute sheds at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Or see those adorable tiny houses one can build.  Then that gets me wondering if I could build something I have know knowledge of how to do.  So many options and ideas to consider.

I shall leave it here for now, while I ponder the possibilities.

Friday Round Up

Another week gone. Half way through this week I was barely able to keep track of  what day it was. And not all of a sudden it seems here’s Friday.

I’m feel a bit better. I’m a little less congested than I was a week ago.  A Sudafed in the morning seems to help things.  Though, in the mornings it does still feel like it’s trying to settle in my chest. The last time I felt like that, I went to the doctor and the PA said it was “allergies” and to take an allergy pill. That it was due to an inversion we had going on. But we don’t have that happening now. And I still doubt it is allergy related.  I think the PA was full of shit.

I got out today. Only to the store but still. Home Depot to look at all the pretty flowers. Picked up a six pack of Asparagus seedlings and one pot of a Patty Pan Squash seedling. Never saw seedling Asparagus before.  They also had peas!  And corn!!!  If we can get the Asparagus established, it will mature in the second year and then we should last 20 years!  Some say decades!!!  We probably won’t be planting anything in the ground until first part of June though with this weather.

Then it was off to Walmart to pick up Mom’s medicine and a few odds and ends that we forgot to put on our pick up order.  We’ve really gotten to where we would prefer to shop elsewhere. But it’s one of the only places here right now that you can preorder and then pick up you groceries without the hassle of going through the store. And when you’re under the weather, it’s a blessed thing.

On the way in, the dark storm clouds were rolling in. I thought I saw a flash or two before we got in the door. While inside, there was a good rumble of thunder and then the phone alert went off telling us about a lightening strike 3 miles away. I think that part of the weather app is pretty cool.  After we checked out, I looked across the road and saw a wall of rain headed for us. We barely stepped into the parking lot when it started to come down. By the time we got to the car it was pouring.  It was a cold rain. Not really the best thing for us to be in, but there was no help for it.

Almost fell on my ass in the mud at home going to unload the truck.  I had to laugh about it, though I’m very glad I didn’t fall.  And I don’t feel like I pulled anything when I slipped, so that’s good.

Looks like we may get some on and off showers and possibly some 40 mph wind and maybe even some hail. The wind and the hail I could do without.  I am not a fan of either.

But that was today’s adventure.  We got out, dodged rain drops, and made it home again.

Thursday’s Thoughts

Up at way too early o’clock.
The angry ninjas in my uterus thought it would be fun.
But hey it was only 6:45 AM and not 5 AM like I thought it would be.
I had a feeling it might be like this today.
They’re still wrecking havoc on my legs and thighs.
And a headache into the mix, a combination of the ninjas and sinuses.
All of which is making me also feel like I want to toss my cookies,
even though I haven’t eaten said cookies.
Got a Sudafed going. But after two cups of coffee the headache hasn’t
gotten better. So I guess it’s time for some ibuprofen.

Okay, enough about that.
It is what it is, and I can only control so much of it.
Well, outside of taking stuff to attempt to combat the symptoms that is.

Do you ever feel like there is some where else you are supposed to be?
Like where you are is only a temporary stop.
Like there is something more. Out there. Some where.
Something you can’t quite put your finger on.
A place you aren’t sure even exists except in the far corners of your mind.
So much so that you don’t even know if the place is real or imagined.

I feel like that. A lot. Probably way too often.
When I ask what does it mean. All I get is crickets. Nothing. Silence.
It feels like a cruel joke at times.

I don’t know.
Maybe it’s just me.
Maybe I’m just over thinking things.
Maybe I’m letting my fantasies run wild.

I’ve had this dream though.
Where I want to travel through and spend time in Europe.
Cornwall, Glastonbury, London
Over to Ireland and then through Scotland. Edinburgh
Inverness, the Highlands.
See where my ancestors came from, or try to find the places
at least in Poland and Ukraine.
Sometimes, I dream of living there in the UK somewhere. Probably near
Glastonbury if I could.  Maybe not permanent, but for a while.
All I can do is dream though.  About the travel or the living.

My Grandma used to joke that I/we was/were gypsies because she had so
many different addresses in her book.  In my marriage, we moved nine different
times. Six of them were in the 7 and 1/2 years we lived in Florida.
Now, I didn’t like moving house.  That’s just annoying as hell. Unless you are
moving to your dream place. Which I never did in all that time.

But I always felt like I had wanderlust in my veins.
To go explore and seeing things. Visit new places.
Even now, I feel antsy.  I want to go some place. But that could also just be
because we’ve been house bound for over two weeks with being sick.
My adventure for yesterday was walking down to the mailbox for the
mail and newspapers that we hadn’t picked up in two days.
It felt good to get out, even for that short walk.

But any adventures will have to wait. “Mom” more than likely has
bronchitis. So until she is better, we’re not going anywhere.
Here’s to hoping she gets well soon. She’s getting a little stir crazy herself.
So send her good juju please.


Wednesday’s Words

I’m distracted today.
Every time I think I am going to open this blog to write a post
I get sidetracked.
Can’t focus.

My thighs are aching today. Deep and almost burning.
So the pain is keeping off kilter.
I tried taking something for it, but as usual it did nothing.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since yesterday’s post.
About what happened to the person I was that was so invested
in that story idea years ago.
I have no answers. Yet.

I think though, she had the wind knocked out of her sails.
She had somethings happen that turned her world upside down.
She fell down into some darkness and had a hell of a time
pulling herself out.
She lost her way and her confidence. Lost sight of her dreams.

Maybe she’s coming round. Maybe she is seeing the light.
Maybe she is letting herself dream and envision again.
I don’t know. But I am hopeful.

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