New Year’s Eve…Eve

I don’t know what tomorrow will hold, if I will get around to posting so here’s my final post for 2021.

What a year, eh?
I don’t think I can even wrap my head around it all.
It’s all too much and too overwhelming.

It’s snowing in my corner of the world. Second day in a row. I think we’ve got some where between
6 and 8 inches so far. As I understand it, there is more to come. And we are under a Winter Storm Warning until later today. Here’s a peak at what we got so far:

I got boosted a couple of days ago. I was extra tired later that day. Yesterday and today my arm is just really sore. The injection site is red and warm, and to day it is a bit itchy. I’ve been told it is normal, so I’m trying not to freak out about it.

Last month I met with the nutritionist at my doctor’s office. She has apparently decided that I am insulin resistant and had me put on metformin. I also had to do a cortisol test, not fun by the way. It looks like my numbers are high, but I don’t know what it means. She wants me to limit my caloric intake to 1200, and to exercise (10k steps, resistance bands, etc.). She doesn’t seem to understand that fibro limits how much I can do. But it’s only been one visit with her, so we’ll see. And from what I’ve found out on my own is that 1200 calories and being insulin resistant is not a good combo. So I’m aiming to keep my intake to about 1400/1450.
In October, my doc said my labs showed me to be in menopause and prescribed an estrogen medication which has caused me to have bleeding twice in one month, both a week long (and two weeks apart). I’m dreading having to tell him/them about it. I’m afraid when I tell him, he’s going to want me to have the surgery after all.

My Word of the Year:
As I mentioned in a previous post, SOVEREIGN/TY started coming up as my potential word. I really was not sure about it. It seems like such an odd choice in some ways. Yet the more I tried to find a different word, the more SOVEREIGN keeps showing up. Oh and the phrase “SACRED SOVEREIGNTY”. Seriously?! These two words are showing up everywhere, without me even looking for them. So I’m sitting here thinking okay Universe, I get it…these are my words.

I’m so looking forward to Book of Days starting in a couple of days.
I wish I could do Moonshine too. There are so many classes I wish I could be taking. But I think if I took them all, I would need to clone myself to do them all lol.

I am going to do my best to focus on my art and photography in 2022.
I realized that I had really slacked off with photography these last few months.
Writing, well…I’m not giving up on that. I just don’t know what I want to do with it. I think I want to do more blogging, I slacked of with that a bit too. Maybe aim for weekly posts at the very least.

I watched some very random tarot readings for Scorpio on YouTube a couple of days ago. Just to see
what they were about. I don’t usually do that, I don’t normally watch tarot readings on there at all. But
each one that I watched there seemed to be a running theme.
Let go of the past.
Let go of what doesn’t serve you.
Live your dream(s).
Healing pain from the past.
References to the butterfly and phoenix, rebirth, renewal, transformation, change.
Connect with your inner child.

I haven’t done my own reading yet. I often don’t feel confident enough to do my own readings. I don’t know the cards well enough and I don’t know how to read them intuitively. I know, I can’t learn if I don’t do it. I guess maybe part of my problem is that while I like the decks that I have, I don’t feel particularly attached or connected to any of them. I’m fascinated with how people can do a reading with both tarot and oracle cards together.

Anyway…If by chance I don’t have an opportunity to post tomorrow
I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.
May it be filled with Magic and Love and All Good Things.
Blessings to you and yours.

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