Hello June

It doesn’t even feel like it should be June, yet here we are.
And what a start to this month! Boy Howdy!!

We started off with a heat wave, which is ending today. Thank the gods!
Yesterday was a record breaker, topping out at 103.
And then the storms arrived. The trifecta of thunder, lightening, and wind.
Dontcha know, I ended up out in it.

Rescue Mom needed help keeping some scrap wood from coming crashing
through a back window. All we heard was I need help! We run outside and
can’t find her. I swear I thought she was trapped because she sounded so
far away with the wind roaring so loudly. But she was okay, except trying to keep
the stuff from flying through a window while trying not to get beaned by flying
branches and crap herself. She got help with that, but I got as far as the 5th wheel
and couldn’t go anywhere.

Yep! There I was in the middle of it. Pressed up against the side of the 5th wheel that
was rocking so bad I thought it was going to flip on top of me. I thought about going in
it, but then had visions of it blowing down the hill with me in it. So I decided against that.
Branches were flying like crazy. The rose trellis got pulled out of the side wall of the house,
nails and all. No damage to the house, thank the gods!!

But there I am, trying not to panic because OMG DOOM WINDS! of over 60+ MPH. It felt
close to being like winds of a Category 1 Hurricane. It probably wasn’t that high, but when
you’re in the middle of it, I might as well had been in the middle of the Wizard of Oz scene.
There was no help for it, I said a prayer to the Blessed Mother (because my Babci swore by
her aide and said she never failed her), gathered my hair in one hand because I didn’t have it
braided, and made a run for the front side of the house.

When all was said and done not even 5 minutes later, we were without power (for 6 hours after
it we lost it). Small branches scattered around the yard. A missing but found trash can. Three
giant empty spools from wire that got blown down our hill. Our neighbor’s trash can at the road
got blow down said road and into a ditch, but another neighbor saw and pulled it out. And then we
heard the sirens and could see the emergency lights from our front yard. There was an accident
on the interstate at our exit. The wind flipped a semi. I hope the driver is okay. I swear I heard
the heavy rescue equipment being used.

I prefer my days a little less eventful. Ya know what I mean? And yes I know I was pretty stupid for
getting myself stuck out in the wind. I think I panicked and froze. It seemed like a long time but
it was really only a few minutes. But in that moment though…..yeah.
Today is the last of the hot days for a few. It’s breezy on and off.
There is a snake out in our patch of trees somewhere. I didn’t get to see it though. Not for lack of
trying, mind you. Hopefully it has moved on.
My garden is sprouting like crazy. The lima beans are finally coming up, as are the tri-color beans.
The peas, bush beans, and pea pods too. Looks like my carrots are trying to as well.

Oh and best news, I got my letter from social security that my request is in process!!!
I got my documents and ID back a couple of days prior to that.
So I am really on my way to changing my name in all the places. FINALLY!!!

This coming week, hopefully I get to some of the in person places to get those changes done.
Project wise, I have some table decorations and favor boxes to put together for someone’s wedding.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find plastic mason jars that don’t cost a fortune?????

Well that’s my start to June.
How is yours? Hopefully not as eventful!!

Pictures coming in the next post. Until then….have a safe and wonderful weekend!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. denise j herman
    Jun 05, 2021 @ 09:26:30

    Wow. That sounds crazy! Enjoyed the description, though! Glad to hear about social security…


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