Thursday’s Thoughts

  • I got a wild hair today and decided I want to cook.
    Well, to be fair, I got tagged in to make meatloaf for
    dinner tonight. Of course, the means mashed taters.
    But we have some yellow squash from our garden, and
    were given a zucchini from someone else’s garden that
    has to be used, so I figured that would be the side dish.
    Then I decided I didn’t just want to do sautéed like I
    always do. I thought okay, I will roast it. Until I decided
    that didn’t sound good, so now it’s creamy cheese
    squash casserole. It was a recipe I found while Googling.
  • So taters are peeled and waiting in the pot to cook.
    Squashes, onion, and garlic are all chopped up and mixed
    with the cheesy mixture and then topped with melted
    butter and crushed Ritz crackers, all ready to pop in the
    oven. All I have to do still is make the meatloaf as soon as
    the meat is thawed. The casserole and meatloaf should
    be able to cook almost at the same time. So YAY for that.
  • I’ve never made a 3 pound meatloaf before, so I hope I don’t
    fail at it. Usually I do a 1 or 2 pounder. But lately, 2 lb.
    barely leaves us leftovers. So, 3 it is. (Fingers crossed).
  • I think I might have found my way out of my writing stump.
    I say stump because it wasn’t an actual block. If you read my
    post from a couple days back, you know that I hit a snag
    with my story idea. I didn’t know how I was actually going
    to get to the meat of the story. I wanted to pull in the
    twins from another story idea because I think they’d be
    perfect for this story. At least right now I do. But I was stuck
    on how they played into and how the plot would come
    I’ve been mulling it over since that post. This morning I
    might have worked out some of it. Maybe.
  • You see, I’m not a true plotter. I don’t work with outlines and
    such. I find them to confining. I’m what is known in the
    NaNoWriMo world as a Pantser. Meaning I write by the seat
    of my pants 😋
    I will take notes on the characters and main ideas. The setting(s).
    That sort of thing, but I can’t bring myself to formulate outlines.
  • I’m playing with the idea of using index cards to organize my ideas.
    You write out the main points of scenes and whatnot on 3×5 cards
    and you lay them out or tack them up on a wall or bulletin board.
    As you are doing that, you can easily move things around as needed.
    Minor problem, I don’t have a big bulletin board or free wall space
    to do that. I do have the floor, but it also means that I have to put
    the cards away all the time because….CATS! Especially Stickers.
  • At least I am finding my way through the muck that has my
    stumped. And that is a good thing. I wish I had the fire I had when I
    first started writing. I mean, it’s still there but it’s more of a simmer.
    Fibro and it’s band of not so merry symptoms kind of smoored the
    flames. I can’t stay up late like I used to researching and writing.
    It makes me a little sad. I really liked doing that, the house would
    finally be quiet and even though I wasn’t alone, I had the space to
    myself. And then I could be very productive. Or so I thought.
    Maybe it was an illusion since that story never did get finished and
    hasn’t been touched since 2006.
  • I will take what ever will work right now. However the juices and the
    words wanna flow, I’m okay with it.
  • I can’t believe we are half way through September already!!!
    That means Prep-tober is just around the corner. I’ve never actually
    did a full month of prep to write for NaNoWriMo. Again, it’s one
    of those things that I just more or less winged it. Maybe I should
    try it this year?
  • Okay, thoughts….
    I have an ancient laptop. (2005, it’s a Dell)
    It still works. I was thinking of writing on it again.
    It runs um…either Windows 98 or XP, I forget off hand.
    Should I use it? I am thinking to use Google Docs for the actual
    writing part.
    It is slow AF and so therefore, using it for actual internet would be
    pretty much impossible. So no chance of looking at FB or IG or any
    of that stuff. Even just Google might be a stretch to use. The other
    thing I am considering is maybe just getting a Chrome book or something
    like that. I just need something small and cheap to move from room
    to room with as needed for writing. I don’t particularly want to use my
    tablet. I could if I got a keyboard for it, but I’m not sure I want to go that
    route. And I don’t want to sit at my actual computer to write because that
    is too much temptation to get sucked into the socials rabbit hole.

    What do you think? Suggestions? Recommendations? Ideas?
  • Looks like I can go mix up my meatloaf. So until tomorrow….

What’s On My Mind Wednesday

Kind of like a WWOYWDW (what’s on your work desk Wednesday).
But not, it’s the randomness of my brain squirrels for today.

  • So, last night, I went to bed with ruffled feathers. I had gotten
    just a little bit excited that I hadn’t gotten any billing calls this
    month from my doctor’s office. I thought it was finally fixed.
    I thought I’d ask my S.O. if there were any calls or texts about
    it that they forgot to tell me about. They looked, but the last
    one was in August.
    A couple of days prior I had checked my account portal, and
    there too, there was no new bill. Squee? NOPE!!
    After asking them to check their phone, I logged into my
    portal again. Lo and Behold! There’s the bill. Now sitting at
    $4948.00!!! WTF? Why did it go up by $280??
    So that led to a shitty night’s sleep and a not so joyful waking
    up in the morning. But I’m not a morning ray of sunshine
    anyway, LOL.
  • This morning, after a bit of coffee, I pulled out my previous
    paper copy and compared it to the new online statement.
    It seems for the last year, my very first appointment hadn’t
    appeared on the bill. UUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!
    I then called the doctor’s office to speak to the billing gal.
    But got sent to her voice mail. UGH! Left her a message that
    I was following up yet AGAIN and would call back with any
    info I got.
  • Next call was to the insurance department part that is supposed
    to handle the removal and erroneous insurances or make
    corrections. I started out with the same lady I spoke to the previous
    month. She again was going to escalate the request.
    Then I had a thought and asked her who or where should I call
    if it fails to get removed again. After all, I have been trying to do
    this for a year now.
    She said she would connect me to a supervisor. And she did.
    The supervisor said she had to call some else to help her.
    Fair enough. Neither the first lady or the supervisor could see
    what the problem was. But the third person could. After what
    seemed like FOREVER on hold, she came back on the line.
    She wanted to say that she had not forgotten about me, and
    they she was waiting on the other person. When at that moment
    she was alerted that the other person has supposedly, hopefully
    (for the love of all that is good and holy!!!) removed this
    nuisance thorn in my side from my account. AND that in 5-7
    business days, my provider should be able to bill MY insurance
    and get paid. Then I should also be able to move forward with
    any care and treatment I might need.
    I asked the lady if I could tell her that I loved her for helping me.
    I must have confirmed at least 3 times to be sure I understood
    her right. I might have cried a little on her.
  • I promptly called my doctor’s office back to update the gal.
    But was immediately sent to her voice mail….AGAIN!
    I was getting the feeling that she was avoiding me.
  • I can only hope and wish and pray that from the supervisor’s
    lips to the ears of the Divine, the Holy, the Universe, what ever
    you want to call it. That this shit is finally taken care of.
  • It’s not even about the bill anymore. I mean it is but….
    It’s about that I can’t do anything for my health and well being
    until this is taken care of. Because anything I would do would
    immediately be rejected.
    I need my eyes checked. But that’s on hold until this is removed.
    I know I will need an exam to re-up my meds. But I can’t
    because of this. I have been having to pay out of pocket for my
    meds because of this.
  • The upside. Is it one? Maybe, I don’t know.
    I got to thinking about the suggested surgery.
    I made it through the year without any changes.
    I have been reconsidering my decision to have it done.
    And with the Rona, I probably can’t anyway.
    I didn’t have to choose to have it to begin with.
    It was a decision made to treat adenomyosis. I don’t
    feel any better or worse than I did a year ago.
    But we here at home have decided that I will wait no matter
    what because of the Rona numbers here and hospitals
    being at capacity.
  • You know what else is REALLY bugging me?
    Packed crowds at concerts and other events.
    With no masks! I mean c’mon people WTAF?
    I saw photos from the fair here in August. There’s a concert
    every night. No masks, no social distancing. Nothing. They
    said these were record breaking attendance numbers.
    Just a bit ago, I was scrolling through IG. And there was post
    from maroon 5, well from Adam. Again, the stadium was
    packed with people. I couldn’t seen any masks.
    Kiss had to cancel a few shows because 2 members tested
    positive. Guess what…they back on stage.
  • I understand the want and need to get back to seeing plays,
    musicals, concerts. But is the health risk or your life
    worth taking the chance?
    Not to mention that “normal” clearly wasn’t working.
    Why would we want to go back to that?
  • I suppose that’s enough bitching for one post. I had hoped
    for something more shiny or upbeat. But I have to get this stuff
    out of my head even for a little while. Sometimes writing it out
    here helps. It helps when I read your comments and your
    different perspectives. You give me things to think about, new
    ways to look at things.
  • I thank you all for reading and for your comments ((HUGS))

Tuesday’s Thoughts

  • I seem to be at a loss of where to go with my story idea.
    I can’t seem to pick up the thread of how all this is supposed
    to come together.
    It’s not writer’s block, thank goodness. I’m just genuinely
    stuck with how to weave this together.
  • I’ve been playing with the thought of changing the name of blogs
    and such again.
    Part of feels like I may have outgrown Forgotten Muse. And yet
    part of me doesn’t, it still feels a lot like who I am when I started
    my blogging journey over ten years ago.
    I know much of it is that I am finding it difficult to let go.
    It would definitely be easier to come up with a logo, if I ever
    decided to brand myself.
    For now, I will just consider it another spurt I’m going through.
  • Why is that people feel like it is okay to diminish how you want
    to approach your health and/or weight loss journey? Why do
    people feel like their way is the only way just because they
    Googled their own interests and how they want to approach
    their personal journey?
    What works for you might not or probably won’t work for me.
    I have health issues that prevent me from pursuing vigorous
    forms of exercise. I have “exercise intolerance” as part of my
    diagnosis. It doesn’t mean I can’t exercise at all, it means that
    most forms of exercise cause me pain, exhaustion, and increase
    the probability of having a flare.
  • Also, why do people feel the need to criticize your ideas for food
    choices? For example, if I were to consider making my meals more
    vegetable based and limiting my meat consumption and cutting
    out or back on sugary drinks (soda!), why the need to make crack
    pot jokes about suddenly going vegan? Um….last I checked vegan
    meant you consumed no animal products period. I never said
    I wouldn’t have eggs or dairy or fish or even meat.
    But I do know, that something I am consuming is not sitting well
    with me. Yes, I do consume more soda than I should. I do have
    more sugar than I probably should too. Like, I can’t have my tea
    without milk and sugar. But, could I cut the amount I put in?
    Most definitely. I can’t do things like splenda and stevia and the
    like, as I am either sensitive to or allergic to the stuff.
    Telling me I have to do a full on cardio work out to start losing
    weight isn’t helping me. Telling me that “just walking” isn’t going
    to do anything, that’s not helping me either.
  • But I have to, I want to do something. Being on a yo-yo of 172-175 lb.
    is not good for me. Even at full term pregnancies I never was that
    heavy. It’s not good for my body or my health. I don’t mind
    that I have “meat on my bones” as they say. But this is a little too
    much meat. My hips don’t like it, nor do my knees. Currently, I
    can’t fit into my favorite jeans, which I don’t like.
    Part of it is “the rona”, the not being able to get out and go like
    we used to. Part of it, I believe, is my medications. Part of it is
    my health issues.
  • Why is self-care so hard? Why do others have to make us feel like
    shit for wanting to practice it and even worse for wanting to set
    boundaries and then having them respected? Why is it okay for
    people to do the exact thing they don’t like someone doing to them?
    I don’t understand the concept of that. You can do or say something
    to a person, but when the tables are turned and it’s done to you well
    it’s perfectly fine for you to lose your shit. But when you do it to someone
    else and they lose it, then they over-reacting and need to lighten up.
  • Why do people feel like it’s okay to demand too much from people and
    when they crash and burn from exhaustion they get mad at them? Why
    do people feel like it’s okay to make everyone around them miserable
    because they are unhappy with the life choices they made? Why do people
    feel it’s okay to demand someone act a certain way or do certain things, and
    then do the exact things to the person they told to not do? For example,
    you demand that the person not look at their phone or take a call when you
    are with them, and they comply but then the demander does exactly what
    they don’t want you doing. Oh and you can’t call them out for it either.
  • Why is it so easy for me to fight for someone else? Defend them and their
    boundaries. To try to protect them or help them. And yet, when it comes to
    do the same for myself, I fall like a soggy deck of cards.
    It’s so hard to watch people take advantage of and demand things of others,
    to watch a person have their boundaries ignored at every turn. And not be
    allowed to say a damn thing.
    There are people I don’t even want to be around because of how they treat
    others. And if I distance myself or avoid them, then I’m being antisocial or
    rude. Am I not allowed to protect myself and my energy?
  • Maybe I am just over-reacting to some things. Maybe I am making more
    out of it than it is. It’s probably nothing, just me being me.
    Maybe I’m just rambling the random thoughts that have been going
    through my head as I navigate my way through the days, weeks, months.
    Maybe I’m just tired of people and their bullshit.

Monday, Monday

The first song that popped into my head was “Manic Monday”.
Then “Monday, Monday” quickly followed.
I don’t think either particularly are relevant for the day. Just
random thoughts, I suppose.

It definitely feels like a Monday.
Tired, dragging.
Feeling like I didn’t have enough coffee despite having had two
full cups.

I needed those cups! I had Little duty this morning.
Grateful that she was in a snuggling mood and not in a
running here there and everywhere mood. But she’s tired too.
It’s an early day for her, having to have gotten up at too early
o’clock for a growing little one.
But it’s not for me to say. It’s not my place.

The garden is just about spent.
I am pretty sure I have picked the last handful of beans.
And now that the weather is turning to more Fall like, I picked
the 3 peppers we had. They were not going to get any bigger.
There is at least 2, maybe 3 more yellow squash on the vines.
And we have lots of still green tomatoes. We tried a new variety
of Early Girls of which I am not a fan. I think these would do
better in containers instead of in the ground.

We are already thinking about and being to plan the garden for
next year. Whether or not it actually happens, remains to be seen.
Since our tiller needs repair. And there is a burn pile that well
needs to be burned. If we have to do it like we did this year, it’s
fine. We can make it work. It’s just if we can get the spot ready
it will be able to hold much more and we might actually be
able to can or freeze things.

We have some small wild sunflowers that popped up out front of the
house. I haven’t been able to get close to take many pictures because
it has be covered by yellow jackets. Which is quite unusual since we
have rarely seen any of them. We mostly get wasps and honey bees.
So the yellow jackets were a complete surprise.
Then we discovered where they were. It’s not good either. They are trying
to make a nest/hive in the fallen tree trunk in the backyard. You
can watch them fly in and out all day. If it’s very quiet and if they are busy
you can hear the hum of them buzzing. It’s a bit unsettling.
We have to get rid of them….some how. Two cans of spray have been
unloaded on the nest so far. But it might need another 2 or 3 cans still.
Worst case scenario, we might have to torch the inside of the trunk.
I give the tree trunk and the flowers a wide berth when I am out side.
But I know that yellow jackets tend to not give two f*cks. Hopefully
with the cooler nights incoming, and cooler days too they will start to go
dormant or just leave…I’m good with them leaving.

In other news, we have a group of at least 6 pheasants living down in the
cat tails. And there is a rather large covey of quail under the wild rose
bush. Hoping to get pictures of either or both soon. Fingers crossed.

Sunflowers For Sunday

Some unedited pictures from August.
Sunflowers were a popular crop around us this season.
There were several fields of them in about a 5 mile radius.
And something about them just makes me smile.

I passed by a couple of the fields today and they are probably going to be harvested soon.
I will miss seeing them. It was a nice change to see these growing.
Maybe they’ll plant them in the field behind our house next year. I can hope.

Stickers the Studio Cat for good measure!

I Can’t Forget!

This image is making the rounds on social media.

I can’t forget. It started out as a beautiful sunny and blue skies
Tuesday morning. It was supposed to be a good day.
I think only now, 20 years later, am I realizing just what kind of impact
this day has had on me.
I can’t share images of that day here, I won’t. There is enough on any
social media feed to get ones fill.

I was supposed to be there. At the Twin Towers. That fateful day.
It was one of our last days in Brooklyn. I had no idea when I would
be back again. I had just spent the last three weeks packing up,
throwing away, giving away, and selling off 37 years of my Babci’s
life. She had finally decided to come live with me in Georgia.

That day, I had planned to take the kids to the city for one last visit.
South Street Seaport, the Towers, Trinity Church, Battery Park.
But the night before, my oldest had the worst nose bleed I had ever
seen her have. It was just short of me taking her to the ER bad. It
made for a very restless night with little sleep. So we were dragging
a bit that morning. Definitely behind schedule.

My Babci had turned on her radio to listen to the news and weather.
I was still laying on the couch. She was getting ready to go to the
“beauty parlor” to have her hair done one last time by the beautician.
She had been a long time client of Genefa’s and wanted to say goodbye.

The newscaster started talking about billowing black smoke coming from
the first tower. I got up and said, that something was wrong. Something
bad is happening. I turned on the tv in the kitchen just in time to see
the second tower get hit. I remember waving my arms and hands at the
tv set yelling at the plane to move and turn away from the buildings.
From that moment, we were frozen to the tv set.

I could look out the kitchen window towards lower Manhattan and see
the smoke over the roof tops of the apartment buildings across the yard. She
asked me if I wanted to go down to the corner and see. I said no, this was
hard enough to watch.
I can remember the big clouds of dust that slowly filled the sky as it drifted
across the river into Brooklyn. I remember wondering if it was safe. Should
we close the windows? How close will the dust clouds get? They seemed to
just linger there, hanging in the air in limbo, like they were frozen. At least that
is how I remember it.

And then came the silence. I couldn’t remember a day growing up that didn’t
have the sound of passenger jets flying overhead to LaGuardia Airport. Now,
there was only silence. And the occasional roar of the F-15 jets patrolling the
air space.

I’ve often wondered why I freeze when I hear a plane or helicopter flying too
low, even out here in the middle of corn and potato fields, where crop dusters
are the norm. I think now I know. I’m afraid it’s happening again. I wake up
every year on this day and I’m afraid it will happen again, that history will
repeat itself.

So I won’t forget because I can’t forget.

A Few Things Friday

  • I thought I was going write a regular post. But my brain is flighty and all over today.
    If I didn’t know better, I would think it was the full moon.
  • I hate having that feeling like you’re waiting for something to happen.
    My fight or flight senses are activated and I feel on edge.
    I don’t like feeling like that.
    I can’t put my finger on what it is.
  • We’re finally getting some rain.
    We had some breezy conditions a little bit ago, but that has thankfully calmed down.
    This is the first real rain we’ve had in I don’t know how long. Weeks at least!
  • Maybe I’m on edge because of what tomorrow is.
    I saw there was a documentary on one of the streaming networks about that day.
    Looks like a new one. I watched the trailer, thinking I could maybe watch the
    program. But as soon as I saw the trailer clip, I knew I couldn’t do it.
  • Where are my straight pins?
    I can’t find them.
    Goodness knows what I did with them!
    I wanted to pin the Little’s fabric together, so that I could start sewing her pillow
    together. But I can’t find my pins. I ended up pulling some out of a project
    that I can’t remember what I was I doing. I had originally chosen other fabric for
    her, but one day in Walmart I was looking at some fat quarters and she saw the
    rainbows and so she picked out two kinds that she liked, now I’ll make it with those.
  • Last night, I had a dream that I finished writing a novel.
    I have no idea what it was even about. Just that I finished it.
    I wanted to have it printed to send off to a publisher. But then, I remembered I had
    to read and edit it first. So I took it to a place to print it, I don’t know where that was
    either. Probably not important lol.
    I handed the clerk my memory stick and said I wanted the document on it printed.
    They did what ever they had to do with it and got started. Then the printer kept running
    out of paper and ink. The printed pages stack kept getting higher and higher. I said that
    I wondered how many sheets of paper it would take to print it all. Then I jokingly said that
    I didn’t even know what the word count ended up being.
    I woke up and the thing still wasn’t finished printing!!! I wonder how that turned out LOL!
  • It’s the first time I have ever dreamed about actually finishing a story.
    It’s the first time I have ever dreamed about getting published.
    I have so many unfinished ideas.
    Once upon a time, I fantasized about being a published author. Then I got rather
    discouraged and wanted to give up the idea. Pretty much had. Even though I try every
    Camp NaNo and every NaNo when they come around.
    I still don’t know if I want to be published anymore. Sometimes I think, why bother.
    But I still do want to write. So maybe this means that one day I’ll finish a story.
  • Have a wonderful weekend!!

It’s One Of Those Days

The kind where you don’t get enough sleep.

None of us did.
We’re all tired.

The ankle I twisted last week is now being uncomfortable.
And touchy when I touch around my ankle.
So I’m trying to stay off it, but that isn’t always possible.

Cats fighting outside this morning woke me up at the
unreasonable hour of 6 AM. Never did figure out who it
was fighting. I thought it was the inside cats, but they were
all fine.

Shortly there after, the Little arrived. Earlier than the usual.
Her grandma had to keep shushing her as they came up the
Some how managed to doze off, but got startled awake a bit
after 8 I guess it was. Then the old man dog needed out. I was
feeling that out of sorts feeling when you get woken up

Let’s just say the day got off to a rocky start for everyone.

Things seem a bit better now. Calmer.

It’s supposed to be 97 today. But I have doubts if it will get that
high. It’s 89 now, but smoky, hazy, and maybe overcast.
Tomorrow we drop down to about 74 for the high. That is bringing
the threat of severe thunderstorms, wind, hail, lightening, and all that
not so fun stuff. Which means we will spend the latter part of today
battening down the hatches just in case.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a calmer day.

“Having Fun Isn’t Hard”…

Before I forget, which is likely to happen 😊😊😊

As the song from “Arthur” goes “Having fun isn’t hard,
when you have a library card.”

September is Free Library Card Month.
If you are like me, you live rurally and are outside the city limits.
In this case, you would have to pay for a library card. You can get it
for six months or a full year. It’s not super expensive, except when
you don’t have the money then everything is.

I haven’t had a library card in over 10 years.
Mostly because I didn’t have the money for one.
And then for a while, I didn’t have any suitable mail to provide
as proof of address. Other times, we just simply forget because
of the lack of advertisement. I found out about it quite by accident, I
think the year I moved here or the year after. There is not a big
ad campaign making it known, so I have to wonder if many rural
people even know about it. Especially those that are even more
rural than we are!

One thing I miss about FL libraries (Orange County specifically) was
that when you put a book on hold, and it came in they mailed it to you.
No need for you to rush in to pick it up. There was always something
very exciting about getting mail from the library.
When I lived in GA, we didn’t have such a service. You had X amount of
days to come in and pick up the book or it went to the next person in
I wasn’t aware of what the option was when I lived in NY. I was at the
library so much that it wasn’t an issue. I had two library cards, one for
Brooklyn and one for Queens. If I wasn’t at one or both of the branches
closest to me, I was at the school library. I spent the majority of my free
time in freshman year of high school in my school’s library. It was my
safe haven.

In other happenings, today I am highly audio sensitive.
My ears. oh my ears.
The squeak of the dog toy.
Someone coughing (it’s the smoke, still BAD!!)
The Little high pitch screaming or laughing because she can.
Someone speaking too close to me.
I hate days like this. But I think I’d rather my ears be sensitive
than my eyes, because that just leads to aura migraines and those
suck donkey balls.

Until tomorrow…..

Tuesday, Day 7 of the Blog Along

I can’t find words today.

Things seem overwhelming.

I learned today that there are 33 active fires in my state.
I live in Idaho.

I learned today that the Northern part of the state activated the
Crisis Standards of Care protocols for the hospitals up there.
This is done as a last resort, after all other efforts are exhausted.
It makes me sad. It makes me worried that this will happen down in
the valley where I live. It scares me!

The amount of people one can see without a mask is overwhelmingly
a large number. Probably the majority of people. Only 39.45% of
people in the state are fully vaxxed. 44.56% have had at least one dose.
Then, only 35.13% of the people in my county are fully vaxxed as of
today’s numbers.

This isn’t what I planned to write.
Then again, I didn’t know what I wanted to write.

There’s just so much sadness and bad things happening.
It feels like too much. All I can things is “things didn’t have to be this way”.
All we had to do was do the things, wear a mask, social distance, get the

I hate it when people don’t respect a person’s boundaries.
I hate having to watch someone I care about have their boundaries
ignored. I can’t say anything. I am basically not allowed to say anything.

I can easily get lost in the world of Azeroth. I have enough characters to
level up to keep me occupied. And there are days I want to do just that.
Other days, I think, I’ll just download Lord of the Rings Online again and
get lost in that. Or RIFT. Or D3. Or maybe binge watch all my movies.
Extended editions of Lord of the Rings, all the Harry Potters, The Hobbit.
If do any of this, I can ignore the world. Maybe it’s what I need. A break
from all the things going on. A tumble down the fantasy world
rabbit hole.

Today’s post is late because I did hop in and out of Azeroth today.

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