Unscheduled Hiatus and Update

Sorry that I disappeared unexpectedly for a couple of weeks!  I was abruptly put on hiatus by the damage from the tree.  We are STILL waiting on repairs with no solid ETA on when it will happen!!

About two weeks ago, we had some additional rain which has caused leaking in several of the weak spots in the ceiling.  And since all we have is tarp over the hole outside and a length of plastic over the hole inside, we’ve been having loads of fun stuff happen.

About three weeks ago now, there was another major wind event with hail, 60+ mph wind, rain, thunder that wouldn’t quit. In the wind event, it ripped the tarps up, but not off. This caused all the rain collected on said tarps to come down the hole in the roof and the plastic inside couldn’t hold it so it gave way. Thus make another lovely mess in the kitchen.

After that, we had more rains about a week later.  All the additional rains and “flash flood” through the hole has now been causing cracks in the ceiling, sagging of the ceiling in a few places, as well as leaking in new spots.

Where the new leaks are, is quite close to my computer desk.  So we went into emergency shut down and move them to safety mode.  We were under the assumption that work would be starting a couple days after that.  But we were either misled or we misunderstood, I’m going with the latter.

I’m temporarily set up in another  room.  But we are hoping that work will begin soon, especially since it looks like we will have a much drier two weeks ahead.  FINGERS CROSSED!

In the mean time, I thought I would  try firing up my ancient laptop.  It’s almost 13 years old!!!! Still works, slow as molasses though. Runs Windows 98 still!!!  Most I can get it to do is check email and run my writing software.  I was all excited to maybe do so writing, but as per normal all I could do was stare at the blinking cursor.  I think it’s more that I don’t want to get involved with a project only to have to shut down and/or relocate.

I’m supposed to be doing JuNoWriMo right now.  It’s like NaNoWriMo, except it’s held in June  by an unrelated site.  Next month is Camp again, I’ve set a goal for that at 15,000 for now.

Trying to work off my tablet is driving me bonkers, so I’m grateful for the reprieve to use my PC for a bit.

So that’s what is happening.  Hoping work starts soon. Hoping that while we wait the weather stays dry and calm. And hoping that the ceiling doesn’t come crashing down before hand.

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